11 Effective Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business Development

linkedin perfect profile

Business Development is a broad term. It is certainly sales oriented, but also falls under prospecting, lead generation, launching new products, penetrating new verticals, even implementing specific marketing endeavors and beyond. But, all these efforts are for one goal: developing and implementing growth opportunities with multiple organizations.

Learn 11 key strategies that will help you listen to your prospect better, educate them through thought leadership, while positioning through leveraging your existing network and position yourself as the subject matter expert and the one to engage!

1) Crafting an Engaging Profile

Your LinkedIn Profile represents your professional brand. In fact, your profile may recieve more first time visitors than your website. Therefore, you need to be sure that you are communicating your value proposition, not your resume. This is an opportunity to share with your prospects and network what you bring to the table and why your customers value you.

a. Your picture needs to represent you as a professional. If you would put it on your website, you can put it on your LinkedIn profile.

b. Your Headline is the first impression your viewers have of who you are; make the most of this real estate!

This is an opportunity to share your message in 120 characters so don’t waste it on your title and company. Instead, talk about how you help your clients.

c. Customize your LinkedIn URL, it just looks better, you can be found easier and you can publish it on your email signature and business cards.

d. Please complete your contact information box with email, phone, website links and connect your Twitter account.

e. Unless you are looking for a job, don’t make your summary a resume paragraph, make it educational and impactful. Share tips or strategies that position you as a thought leader from the start.

f. Complete your Experience at least 10 years back and connect your jobs to company pages.

The logo is appealing and is helpful when your viewers are learning about you. Be sure to add your contact information here too; this makes this much easier for people not connected to you to contact you.

g. Take advantage of the Projects and Publications sections. The Publications section allows you to hyperlink to pages on your website or anywhere you wish to direct them. If you have a lead capture page, this could be a great way to drive traffic.

The Projects section is an opportunity to cross market yourself on profiles of partners and clients that you work closely with on jobs.

h. Complete your education and add other sections that are relevant to you and your experience. The more complete your profile, the better it will work for you.

2) Leverage LinkedIn Groups

3) Listen to What They are Saying

4) Share Content that Impresses

5) Curate Great Content to Share

6) Organize Your Contact

7) Get More Client Referrals

8) Make Networking More Effective

9) Checkout Who has Checked You Out

10) Advanced & Saved Searches

11) Create a Plan and Commit to It

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